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Substance Abuse Section Administration

University of Michigan Addiction Research Center

Administrative Team Roles and Responsibilities

Beth Taylor

Admininistrative Assistant Senior Health
(734) 232-0521

Works in the areas of human resources, purchasing, payroll, people pay, facilities and grant application entry into e-research, and general section admin support.

Beth Taylor

Loree O'Jack, BBA

Financial Specialist Senior
(734) 232-0227

Assists faculty members in all aspects of sponsored projects research administration—from proposal preparation to project closeout. Monitors UMARC faculty effort allocations and prepare Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) for UMARC faculty with split appointments between the University and the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.


Cindi Leacock, BA, MHSA

Research Area Specialist Senior
(734) 232-3352

Research program administrator for the Michigan Longitudinal Study and Capacity Building for Lifespan Focused Substance Use Disorder Research in Ukraine. Coordinates information on these studies for grant applications and the institutional review board submissions. Finally, coordinates the Website for the Substance Abuse section of the Department of Psychiatry.

Cindi Leacock

Jacqui Grisdale, MBA

Substance Abuse Administrator
(734) 232-0273

Responsible for the administrative, fiscal, management support, and operational activities of the Section on Substance Abuse, Department of Psychiatry, a predominantly research and educational unit within the Department of Psychiatry. Given the major research mission of the organization, this role manages and supervises the preparation of sponsored project research proposals, ensures administrative requirements are met, and interacts with persons external to the Section (and the Department when appropriate) to meet the administrative needs of our faculty, research staff, and administrative staff.

Jacqui Grisdale