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Get Involved in Research

Why is research important and how can you participate?

Research is critical to increasing our knowledge of depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders, addiction/substance abuse and other brain conditions. Without scientific research, the advances made to date would not have happened and future advancements would not be possible.

Clinical research depends upon the involvement of patients and/or healthy people, and is at the heart of the Michigan approach to battling psychiatric illnesses. Researchers seek answers to questions such as:

  • Why is stress so important in triggering events and how can we measure it?
  • What changes does stress produce in our brains?
  • How do genes affect how a person reacts to stress?
  • How does stress affect sleep?
  • How can we better cope with stress?

We are grateful to our patients who participate in research. They recognize that one of the many benefits of being here is the opportunity to help advance knowledge and speed the pace of innovation.

Whether or not you actively participate in a research study, your care will be positively impacted by the questions we’re asking – and answering – behind the scenes.

Visit to explore participation opportunities.

MICHRMany studies conducted by the department of Psychiatry faculty are supported by the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR), which integrates education, career development, infrastructure, and support to catalyze translational research that spans the laboratory, the clinic, and the community.  MICHR also maintains the website, linking potential volunteers to research studies.