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Department of Psychiatry Faculty

Alexander Z. Guiora, Ph.D. (Emeritus)

Contact Information

Phone: 972-46398-393
Fax: 972-46392-025


  • Universite de Paris , Doctorat d’Universite 1951

Research Interest:

  • Psychology of language behavior

Academic Appointment:

  • Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Recent or Representative Publications:

  • Guiora, A.Z., Construct Validity and Transpositional Research, Toward and Empirical Study of Psychoanalytic Concepts, Comprehensive Psychiatry 13:2, 1972.
  • Guiora, A.Z., Beit-Hallahmi, B., Brannon, R.C.L., Dull, C.Y. and Scovel, T., The Effects of Experimentally Induced Change in Ego States on Pronunciation Ability in a Second Language: An Exploratory Study, Comprehensive Psychiatry, 13:5, 1972.
  • Guiora, A.Z., Beit-Hallahmi, B., Fried, R., and Yoder, C., Language Environment and Gender Identity Development, Language Learning, 32:2, 1982.
  • Guiora, A.Z., Language and Concept Formation: A Cross-lingual Inquiry, Behavior Science Research, 18:3, 1983.
  • Guiora, A.Z., Notes on the Psychology of Language - The Gent Lectures, Gent, Scientia Paedogogica Experimentalis Supplement. 1992 (1, Language and Cognition: Reflections on the Importance of Native Language 2, Pronunciation and its Vicissitudes: A Psychological Theory 3, The Two Faces of Language Ego: A Psycholinguistic Approach*).
  • Guiora, A.Z. The challenge of the language sciences ( in Hungarian) Modern Nyelvoktatás, VII:2-3 pp.4-10, 2001.