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Department of Psychiatry Faculty

Photo: Nicholas W. Bowersox, Ph.D., ABPP

Nicholas W. Bowersox, Ph.D., ABPP

Contact Information


Primary Programs/Services:
VA Medical Center


  • Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI (PhD, MS), Clinical Psychology
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (BS), Psychology
  • Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital, Hoffman Estates, IL, Clinical Psychology Internship
  • VA Advanced Fellow in Health Service Research, Serious Mental Illness Treatment Resource and Evaluation Center (SMITREC), Ann Arbor, MI, Postdoctoral Fellowship

Clinical Interest:

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Serious mental illness
  • Evidence-based psychological practice
  • Evaluation of mental health care quality

Research Interest:

  • Evaluating treatment disparities for patients with serious mental illness (SMI).
  • Evaluating systems-wide treatment patterns for patients with SMI with the goal of identifying factors associated with improved functioning and reduced disability.
  • Investigating reasons for loss to care and treatment resumption for patients with SMI.
  • Investigating the intersection of recovery and integrated care for patients with SMI within the VA medical system.

Academic Appointment:

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Evaluation Specialist, National Serious Mental Illness Treatment Resource and Evaluation Center (SMITREC)
  • Staff Psychologist, Ann Arbor VA Medical Center Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center
  • Training Director, SMITREC VA Advanced Fellowship Program in Mental Illness Treatment and Research

Recent or Representative Publications:

  • Bowersox NW, Saunders SM, Berger BD. Predictors of rehospitalization in high-utilizing patients in the VA psychiatric medical system. Psychiatr Quart 83:53-64, 2012.
  • Bowersox NW, Kilbourne AM, Abraham KM, Reck BH, Lai Z, Goodrich DE, Bohnert ASB, Davis CL. Cause-specific mortality among Veterans with serious mental illness lost to follow-up. Gen Hosp Psychiat 34: 651-653, 2012.
  • Bowersox NW, Saunders SM, Berger BD. Post-inpatient attrition from care ‘as usual’ in Veterans with multiple psychiatric admissions. Community Ment Hlt J October: 1-10, 2012.
  • Bowersox NW, Pfeiffer PN, Bohnert ASB, Gozsny DG. Inpatient psychiatric care satisfaction and post-hospital follow-up. Psychiatr Serv 64: 554-562, 2013.
  • Bowersox NW, McCarthy JF, Szymanski B. Associations between psychiatric inpatient beds and the prevalence of serious mental illness in VA nursing homes. American J Public Health 103: 1325-31, 2013.