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Department of Psychiatry Faculty

Photo: Kara Zivin, Ph.D.

Kara Zivin, Ph.D.

Contact Information


Primary Programs/Services:
Health Services, Translations & Outcomes


  • Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (PhD, Health Policy)
  • Harvard School of Public Health (MS, Health Policy and Management)
  • Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (MA, International Economics and Conflict Management)
  • Johns Hopkins University (BA, with honors, International Relations)

Research Interest:

  • Predictors and consequences of depression, particularly among vulnerable populations (including elderly, people with multiple medical comorbidities, and people who face barriers accessing and adhering to depression treatment)
  • Mental health services research
  • Pharmaceutical policy

Academic Appointment:

  • Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School
  • Research Investigator, Department of Veterans Affairs, HSR&D Center of Excellence, Ann Arbor, MI

Recent or Representative Publications:

  • Zivin K, Kim HM, McCarthy JF, Austin KL, Hoggatt KJ, Walters HM, Valenstein M. Suicide mortality among individuals receiving treatment for depression in the VA health system: associations with patient and treatment setting characteristics. American Journal of Public Health. 2007;97(12):2193-2198. PMID: 17971541 PMCID: PMC2089109.
  • Zivin K, Katon W. Further policy changes are needed to improve depression care. General Hospital Psychiatry. 2015; 37(4):368-9. PMID: 25911326.
  • Zivin K, Pfeiffer PN, Bohnert ASB, Ganoczy D, Blow FC, Nallamothu BK, Kales HC. Evaluation of the FDA warning against prescribing citalopram at doses exceeding 40 mg. American Journal of Psychiatry. 2013;170(6):642-650. PMID: 23640689.
  • Zivin K, Pirraglia PA, McCammon RJ, Langa KM, Vijan S. Trends in depressive symptom burden among older adults in the United States from 1998 to 2008. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2013;28(12):1611-1619. PMID: 23835787.