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Department of Psychiatry Faculty

Photo: Robert C. Thompson, Ph.D.

Robert C. Thompson, Ph.D.

Contact Information


Primary Programs/Services:
Labs & Bioinformatics


  • Oregon Health Sciences University (Ph.D.)
  • University of Oregon (M.S.)
  • Juniata College (B.S.)

Clinical Interest:

  • Mood Disorders
  • Stress
  • Reproduction
  • Nutrition

Research Interest:

  • Nutritional sensors in the brain
  • Stress regulation of neuroendrocrine functions including reproduction
  • Mechanisms of antidepressant action
  • Small RNAs/microRNAs

Academic Appointment:

  • Research Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry
  • Research Assistant Professor, Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute

Recent or Representative Publications:

  • Scott, L.J., Muglia, P., Upmanyu, R., Guan, W., Flickinger, M., Kong, X., Tozzi, F., Li, J., Burmeister, M., Absher, D., Thompson, R.C., Francks, C., Meng, F., Antoniades, A., Southwick, A.M., Schatzberg., A., Bunney, W., Barchas, J., Jones, E., Day, R., Matthews, K., McGuffin, P., Kennedy, J.L., Maddleton, L., Roses, A., Watson, S.J., Vincent, J., Myers, R.M., Farmer, A., Akil, H., Burns, D., and Boehnke, M. Genome-wide association and meta-analysis of bipoloar disorder in European ancestry samples. PNAS (2009) 106: 7501-7506.
  • Bernard, R*, Kerman, IA*, Meng, F, Evans, SJ, Amrein, I, Jones, EG, Bunney, Myers, RM, Akil, H., Watson, SJ and Thompson, RC. (2009). Gene Expression Profiling of Neurochemically-Defined Regions of the Postmortem Human Brain: An In Situ Hybridization-Guided Laser Capture Microdissection Method. J Neuroscience Methods 178(1): 46-54. (*= equally contributing authors). PMID 19070632.
  • Yu, J-Y., Chung, K-H., Hart, C.C., Deo, M., Thompson, R.C., and Turner, D.L. (2008). MicroRNA miR-124a Regulates Neurite Outgrowth During Neuronal Differentiation. Experimental Cell Research 314: 2618-2633. PMID: 18619591.
  • Thompson, R.C, Deo, M., and Turner, D.L. (2007). Analysis of microRNA expression by in situ hybridization with RNA oligonucleotide probes. Methods 43(2): 153-61. PMID: 17889803.
  • Seasholtz, A.F., Ohman, M., Wardani, A. and Thompson, R.C. (2009) Corticotropin-Releasing Horomone Receptor Expression and Functional Signaling in Murine Gonadotrope-like Cells. Journal of Endocrinology 200: 223-232. PMID: 19008330.