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Department of Psychiatry Faculty

Photo: Sheila Marcus, M.D.

Sheila Marcus, M.D.

Contact Information


Primary Programs/Services:
Child and Adolescent


  • University of Michigan Child Psychiatry Fellowship and Residency Training Programs 1983-1991
  • University of Michigan Medical School 1979-1983
  • University of Michigan College of L.S.A. 1975-1979

Clinical Interest:

  • Depression in Childbearing Women; pregnancy and postpartum, late-luteal phase
  • Depression during Perimenopause/menopause
  • Child Psychiatry; Children's Mood Disorders

Research Interest:

  • Medication Use in Pregnancy
  • Prevention Strategies for Depression in Women
  • Internet-based Educational Outreach Strategies
  • Issues Related to Clinical Redesign; Electronic Patient Records

Academic Appointment:

  • Clinical Professor
  • Clinical Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Section, University of Michigan
  • Service Chief, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Recent or Representative Publications:

  • Marcus, S., Tandon, R.,(2000) "Psychotropic Drugs During Pregnancy". In Schizophrenia Mood Disorders, (P.F. Buckley and J.L. Waddington, eds)Woburn, MA; Butterworth-Heinemann, pp. 234-252.
  • Marcus, S., Flynn, H., Johnson, T.R.B. "Depression in Pregnancy, and Postpartum: A Review of Critical Issues - Post Graduate Obstetrics and Gynecology, June 2000.
  • Marcus, S. Flynn, H. Barry K. - Depression in Pregnancy and Depression - Electronic, Multi-media Website (in development in cooperation with ImageWeavers Inc.) November 2000.
  • Marcus, S. Flynn, H., Young E., Ghaziuddin N., Mudd S., Recurrent Depression in Women Through the Lifespan in APA Annual Review of Psychiatry, Volume 20 Section 1 American Psychiatric Press Inc. Edited by: M. Riba and J. Oldham In Press.