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Department of Psychiatry Faculty

Photo: John F. Greden, M.D.

John F. Greden, M.D.

Contact Information


Primary Programs/Services:


  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Psychiatry Residency, 1970-72
  • University of Minnesota Hospitals, Psychiatry Residency and Training Program, 1968-69
  • Harbor/UCLA Medical Center, Medicine Internship, 1967-68
  • University of Minnesota Medical School, M.D., 1967
  • University of Minnesota, B.S., 1965

Clinical Interest:

  • General adult psychiatry and psychopharmacology
  • Major Depressive Disorders: Unipolar and Bipolar
  • Development and refinement of a treatment algorithms for affective disorders
  • The lifetime treatment of recurrent affective disorder

Research Interest:

  • Relationship of neuroendocrine dysregulation to mood disorders
  • Recurrent depression and extended maintenance treatment and medications
  • Short- and long-term effects of different sequences of medication and/or psychotherapy for the treatment of unipolar depressions resistant
  • Longitudinal course of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Academic Appointment:

  • Rachel Upjohn Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
  • Executive Director, University of Michigan Depression Center
  • Research Professor, Molecular and Behavioral Neurosciences Institute

Recent or Representative Publications:

  • Greden, J.F.: "Serotonin: How much we have learned! So much to discover..." Biological Psychiatry. 44(5): 309-12, 1998.
  • Greden, J.F.: "Do Long-Term Treatments Alter Lifetime Course? Lessons Learned, Actions Needed" Journal of Psychiatric Research, 32(3-4):197-9, 1998.
  • Greden JF: "Antidepressant Maintenance Medications" Pharmacotherapy for Mood, Anxiety, and Cognitive Disorders. Edited by U Halbreich and S Montgomery, Washington, D.C.: pp.315-330, 2000.
  • Greden, JF: "Treatment of Recurrent Depression: A Call to Arms" APA Annual Review of Psychiatry, Vol. 20, Section 1 American Psychiatric Press Inc., Washington, DC, 2001.