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Department of Psychiatry Faculty

Photo: Margit Burmeister, Ph.D.

Margit Burmeister, Ph.D.

Contact Information


Primary Programs/Services:
Molecular and Behavioral Neurosciences Institute


  • 1987-1991: Postdoctoral training University of California, San Francisco
  • 1983-1987 Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) Heidelberg University, Germany and European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg
  • 1982-83: Diplom (Master) thesis work at Weizman Inst. of Science, Rehovot, Israel
  • 1977-83: Diplom Biochemistry Free University, Berlin, Germany

Research Interest:

  • Behavioral human and mouse genetics
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Complex genetics (behavior, impulsivity, alcohol, depression, autism)
  • Neurogenetics (epilepsy, ataxia, deafness)

Academic Appointment:

  • Research Professor, Molecular and Behavioral Neurosciences Institute
  • Professor of Genetics in Psychiatry
  • Professor of Human Genetics
  • Faculty member of Neuroscience Program
  • Faculty member of Bioinformatics Program

Recent or Representative Publications:

  • Sen S, Burmeister M, Ghosh D: 5-HTTLPR and Anxiety-Related Personality Traits Meta Analysis Revisited: Response to Munafo and Colleagues. Molecular Psychiatry, in press  available online.
  • Li J and Burmeister M: Genetical Genomics: Combining genetics with gene expression analysis. Human Molecular Genetics (in press, October 2005 review issue).
  • Stoltenberg SF, Glass JM, Chermack ST, Flynn HA, Li S, Weston ME, Burmeister M: 'Possible Association Between Response Inhibition and a Variant in the Brain-Expressed Tryptophan Hydroxylase Gene (TPH2). Psychiatric Genetics (in press).
  • Sen S, Burmeister M, Ghosh D: Meta-Analysis of the Association Between a Serotonin Transporter Promoter Polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) and Anxiety-Related Personality Traits. Amer. J. Med. Genet. (Neuropsychiatric Genetics): 127B1: 85-89, 2004.
  • Seong, E., Wainer, B. H., Hughes, E. D., Saunders, T. L., Burmeister, M., and Faundez, V. Genetic Analysis of the Neuronal and Ubiquitous AP-3 Adaptor Complexes Reveals Divergent Functions in Brain. Mol. Biol. Cell 16: 128-140, 2005.
  • Bomar JM, Benke PJ, Slattery EL, Puttagunta R, Taylor LP, Seong E, Nystuen A, Chen W, Albin RL, Patel PD, Kittles RA, Sheffield VC, Burmeister M: Mutations in a novel CRAL-TRIO domain encoding gene cause human Cayman Ataxia and ataxia/dystonia in the jittery mouse. Nature Genetics 35: 264-269, 2003.
  • Sen S, Nesse RM, Stoltenberg SF, Li S, Gleiberman L, Twitchell GR, Fitzgerald HE, Zucker RA, Chakravarti A, Weder AB & Burmeister M: A BDNF Coding Variant is Associated with the NEO Personality Inventory Domain Neuroticism, a Risk Factor for Depression. Neuropsychopharmacology 28: 397-401 (2003).
  • Seong E, Seasholtz AF, Burmeister M: Mouse models for psychiatric disorders. Trends in Genetics 18: 643-650, 2002.