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Department of Psychiatry Faculty

Photo: Linas Bieliauskas, Ph.D.

Linas Bieliauskas, Ph.D.

Contact Information


Primary Programs/Services:


  • University of Florida
  • Ohio University
  • Xavier University

Clinical Interest:

  • Neuropsychology
  • Closed Head Injury
  • Dementing Disorders
  • Parkinson Disease

Research Interest:

  • Cognitive and Personality Changes with Normal and Abnormal Aging
  • Psychometric Indicators of Cognitive Disorders
  • Depression and Dementia
  • Neuropsychological Predictors of Critical Life Tasks
  • Cognitive Impact of Chronic Disease

Academic Appointment:

  • Professor (Psychology), Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan
  • Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Michigan
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Windsor

Recent or Representative Publications:

  • Bieliauskas, L. A., Drag, L. L., & Spencer, R. J. Long-term outcomes from traumatic brain injury. In S. Koffler, J. Morgan, B. Marcopulos, and M. F. Greiffenstein (Eds.). Annual Review of Neuropsychology Science and Practice, Volume II. 2015. New York: Oxford, 26-69.
  • Briceno, E.M., Rapport, L.J., Kassel, M.T., Bieliauskas, L.A., Zubieta, J-K, Weisenbach, S.L., & Langenecker, S. Age and gender modulate the neural circuitry supporting facial emotion processing in adults with major depressive disorder. Am J Ger Psychiat, 2015; 23 (3): 304-313.
  • Kraal, A. Z., Waldron-Perrine, B., Pangilinan, P. H., & Bieliauskas, L. A. Affect and psychiatric symptoms in a veteran polytrauma clinic. Rehab Psychol, 2015; 60 (1): 36-42.
  • Waldron-Perrine, B, Tree, H.A., Spencer, R.J., Suhr, J., Bieliauskas, L. Informational Literature Influences Symptom Expression Following Mild Head Injury: An Analog Study, Brain Inj, 2015; 29 (9): 1051-1055.
  • Drag, L.L., Light, S.N., Langenecker, S.A., Hazlett, K.E., Wilde, E.A., Welsh, R., Steinberg, B.A. & Bieliauskas, L.A. Patterns of frontoparietal activation as a marker for unsuccessful visuospatial processing in aging. Brain Imaging and Behav, 2015; published ahead-of-print, DOI 10.1007/s11682-015-9428-y

Curriculum Vitae: