Michigan psychosis outreach and education
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Outreach and Education

Outreach is an important part of educating the community in general and identifying individuals who may benefit from PREP services or be eligible for PREP studies.   Our current strategy is to focus outreach at mental health and health care professionals who come in contact with these youth.  However, we also provide more general education to the community.  For example, Dr. Taylor was the keynote speaker at the Annual Paths to Recovery, sponsored by Washtenaw County NAMI in October of 2013, and he made another presentation on PREP at the Annual State Conference for NAMI Michigan in Lansing, MI in April 2013.  We have also met with State Senator Rebekah Warren to make the case for early intervention for psychosis for the Governor’s Mental Health Commission.

If you’re interested in hosting a presentation on early psychosis and at-risk symptoms at your institution, please contact Laura Stchur at (734)936-1323 or lmarine@med.umich.edu