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Pediatric Collaborative Care Clinic

The intent of this clinic is to provide:

  • Support to UMHS pediatricians managing child and adolescent patients with mild to moderate mental health problems, and
  • Recommendations that would help the pediatricians feel more comfortable with treating these children on an ongoing basis.

The child psychiatrist does not provide ongoing treatment or medication prescriptions, but rather supports the referring pediatrician in diagnosis and medication recommendations.

Examples of appropriate consults are for:

  • Children/adolescents with mild to moderate depression/anxiety/ADHD who have failed one or two medication trials.
  • Children/adolescents who may have depression or anxiety, but are patients for whom additional guidance and recommendations on diagnosis or treatment would be helpful.

Referrals can be made by pediatricians within the UMHS system.  Patients and families are informed prior to the referral that this is a one-time consultation and that they will not be receiving prescriptions at these appointments.