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U-M Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program

The U-M Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program Team Photo
The U-M Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program Team

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program provides individualized, compassionate, evidence-based care for patients age 8-24 with eating disorders.

We recognize that eating disorders are complicated illnesses caused by genetic, psychological and psychosocial factors, and that neither our patients nor their families are responsible for having developed an eating disorder.

Our program was designed to honor the importance of families in the recovery process, and is built on the principles of family-based treatment, also known as the Maudsley Approach, adapted for both partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment settings. 

We provide a safe and therapeutic environment where nutritional restoration and behavior change can occur.  Our focus is to help patients, families, and others recognize their own strengths and empower them to take control of symptoms.

Comprehensive Treatment

Our program specializes in care for patients age 8-24 with the following conditions:

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (patients who do not meet all the strict criteria for anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa but have problematic eating-related behaviors or thoughts that significantly affect their health and functioning)
  • Atypical Eating Disorders (includes a wide range of disordered eating, particularly in younger patients, that does not fit neatly into the traditional classification of eating disorders) 

We offer multiple levels of treatment to best meet the needs of each individual patient. These levels include:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

We also coordinate and provide referrals to families in need of inpatient or residential treatment, or outpatient services for patients who have graduated from our treatment programs. Learn more about these various levels of care.

Take the Next Step

Schedule an evaluation or learn more about the University of Michigan Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program, call 1-877-475-6688.

Our program has partnered with some of the largest insurance companies and third party payers to develop eligibility and admission guidelines for our program. If you are insured by one of these partners and are accepted for admission to our program, this helps to streamline the admissions process and increase the likelihood of maximal insurance coverage for your care. 


U-M Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program
1540 East Hospital Drive Level 5, Reception B 
Ann Arbor MI 48109

Phone: (734) 232-7531

The U-M Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program Team

Daniel Gih, M.D.
Lead Psychiatrist and Co-Medical Director

Renee Rienecke Hoste, PhD
Lead Psychologist and Director of Clinical Services and Research

Christian Pariseau, M.D.
Program Physician and Co-Medical Director

Erika Feldpausch, LMSW
Lead Social Worker and Clinic Coordinator

Kelsey Collins, LMSW
Program Social Worker

Laurie Fortlage, MS, RD
Lead Dietitian

Jessica Stocup, RD 
Program Dietitian

Brenda J. Henne
Certified Teacher and Learning Specialist

Kathy A Richards-Peal
Art Therapist

Carrie Rider
Program Social Worker

Matt Bona
Patient Care Associate

Cali Broermann
Patient Care Associate

Tammara Francis
Administrative Assistant