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Child and Adolescent Depression Center Specialty Programs

Director: Sheila M. Marcus, M.D.

The Depression Center's Specialty Programs provide consultation and treatment services for a wide variety of mood disorders. We focus on bipolar disorder and difficult-to-treat major depressions. Internationally recognized physicians with more than 15 years of specialty experience lead these programs. The programs consist of a panel of experts in the psychotherapies relevant to mood disorders (cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy), and draw from a team of nurse practitioners, social workers and psychologists who provide assessments and therapy recommendations.

Family and patient support and education are integral to this program; we advertise weekly events at the clinics. Sleep disorders testing and sleep hygiene interventions are available for those with accompanying sleep problems. We emphasize education and self-management. The Adult program interacts with the Child-Adolescent programs through the Youth and Young Adult Mood Disorders Clinic, which is designed to provide assessment and ongoing care for the adolescent and young adult age group.

Our comprehensive assessment of patients with an affective disorder focuses on the needs of the patient. We believe that psychopharmacology considerations and medication management serve as a strong foundation in managing bipolar disorder and moderate to severe depressions. These clinics are also very mindful of the benefit that the psychotherapies and family therapies can provide the patient and family. Our assessment integrates this into the plan and recommendations for treatment, with attention to the timing, focus and duration of therapy.

Comprehensive consultations and ongoing treatments of patients with depressive or bipolar disorders occur through the educational and teaching clinics of the University of Michigan Depression Center. In these clinics, a psychiatrist in training evaluates the patient and presents the clinical information to an attending psychiatrist; together, they meet with the patient for further evaluation and discussion of the treatment plan. Additional assessments such as psychological testing may be arranged for a later date.

The Faculty Executive Consultation Clinic is a new service offered by the University of Michigan Depression Center and the Depression Center's Specialty Programs. Senior faculty members provide this consultation without trainee participation. This consultation service is available primarily to provide input to referring physicians, rather than to provide ongoing care. The amount of consultation time determines the fee structure. The senior faculty psychiatrist provides a consultative report and communicates with the referring physician and patient.


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The Rachel Upjohn Building is home to the U-M Depression Center and Ambulatory Psychiatry Programs.

Depression Center & Ambulatory Psychiatry
Rachel Upjohn Building, East Medical Campus
4250 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Fax: 734-763-5580
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