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Treatment team

In our interdisciplinary approach to patient care, treatment teams guide each individual through the inpatient stay. Teams are focused on creating a healthy, safe, and productive environment so that patients can focus on getting well. Upon admission, patients are assigned to a treatment team, which isled by a U-M faculty attending psychiatrist and also includes a resident physician or nurse practitioner, primary care nurses and patient care workers (PCWs), a social worker, and several activity therapists. A clinical pharmacist often joins the team as well to assist with medication-related decisions and education.

We believe the patient is the most important member of the treatment team, and we encourage all patients to actively participate in treatment planning from the time of their admission through discharge and beyond. Early in a patient’s time on “9C,” as our unit is called, the treatment team will present and discuss a formal copy of the treatment plan with the patient. This plan serves as a guide for the patient and the team, and is informally and formally updated frequently.

We are proud to be involved in training and mentoring the next generation of mental health professionals. Our unit is regarded as one of the state’s premiere educational sites. Under the close supervision of our staff, medical trainees may work with a patient’s care team as part of their training.