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Admissions process

Patients come to our unit in a variety of ways:

  • Some are admitted from U-M’s Psychiatric Emergency Services.
  • Others are transferred from a medical unit at U-M Hospital. 
  • We consider “direct” admissions of patients who are:
    • Referred by their outpatient psychiatrist
    • Referred by physicians from another hospital

The first step in requesting direct admission is for the referring physician to:

  • Call the Intake Line at (800) 525-5188, or
  • Complete a Direct Admission Form and fax it to (734) 936-6880.

Our Admissions Coordinator or her delegate will follow-up regarding additional information that is needed. We cannot accept requests for admission directly from patients or family members.

Please be aware that there are several reasons that we may not be able to accept a patient for admission:

  • If a patient has medical problems or devices that our staff cannot safely manage
  • If, in consultation with the referring provider, we determine that appropriate services are available either closer to the patient’s home and/or in a less acute setting, we may defer admission to accommodate patients with greater need.
  • If a patient does not have insurance or other coverage for which U-M Psychiatry is an authorized provider.

Please note that insurance coverage for inpatient psychiatry services is often arranged very differently than the rest of a patient’s medical care. For example, U-M might be in-network for all of a patient’s other medical services, but not for inpatient psychiatric treatment. Our admissions coordinator will help answer these and any other questions you may have.

Once patients are approved for admission

Accepted patients are added to a wait list for admission, and the Admissions Coordinator will keep the patient and referring provider updated regarding wait list status.  Please be aware that we are a relatively small unit and demand for services is high. It is not unusual for patients to stay on the wait list for some time, even weeks.  Patients with more specialized needs, such as those who may need extra supervision or certain medical expertise, can sometimes wait even longer.
When a bed becomes available, the admissions coordinator will facilitate the logistics of the admission.  Usually, patients will be instructed to report directly to the unit at a specified time. If patients need a medical evaluation or another service before admission, they may be asked to report first to Psychiatric Emergency Services. Patients on the wait list should be prepared to come to the hospital on short notice, since we may have an unanticipated discharge that makes a bed available to someone on the wait list. We understand that some patients may not live close by to U-M and try to consider this, but it is always a good idea for patients on the wait list to be prepared to come without much advance notice.

Patients and families should be aware that certain items are not allowed on the unit; please see a detailed list of these prohibited items.