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2014 Silverman Research Conference Poster Awards

Congratulations to the trainees, their teams and mentors who received awards for outstanding posters by a trainee:

First Prize - Student

Adam Sitzmann

Sitzmann, Adam, Ginsburg Y, Grimm CR, Maixner DF, Mickey BJ
#16 - Inflammation and Obesity as Potential Predictors of Treatment Response to Electroconvulsive Therapy

First Prize – Postdoctoral Fellow

Elisa Trucco

Trucco, Elisa, Villafuerte S, Hetizeg M, Burmeister M, & Zucker RA
#34 - Beyond Risk: Reconceptualizing GxE Interactions in Adolescence

First Prize – Resident Trainee / Child Fellow

Aislinn Williams

Williams, Aislinn, Smith M, Murphy GG, Umemori H
#55 - Deletion of Fibroblast Groeth Factor 22 (FG22) produces a depressive-like phenotype in adult mice