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Why Michigan

We can read your mind. On the surface, you’re asking: Why should I choose Michigan? What you’re really thinking is: Why would I choose Michigan over, say, X, Y or Z? You probably already know that our rankings are outstanding. Or that you can find 372 of our physicians in publications such as Best Doctors in America. Or that we’re one of the top National Institutes of Health-funded research universities.

Photo: Bond Falls, Upper Peninsula, MI

But what you don’t know is this: You’ll have the time of your life here. The city is great. The people are friendly. The training is outstanding. Some say that once you are a part of Michigan, you’re always a part of Michigan. It could be the feeling you get as you take a run through the Arboretum on a crisp fall day. Or the sense of pride you feel after working at the homeless shelter clinic we staff. Or the fact that you could turn around to thank the physician who developed the equipment or drug that just saved your patient’s life.

We know that with any residency or fellowship, there are bound to be tough times. We believe we can get you through them in a way that will make you the best professional you’re meant to be.

At Michigan, there are fond memories to be made, new friends to meet and dedicated faculty who truly care. About you.

That’s why Michigan.


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