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Research Track in Psychiatry

Selection of Participants for the Research Track

Entry into the Research Track is limited to individuals that are also (or will be) a resident in psychiatry (or a child psychiatry fellow), and accordingly must have an M.D. or D.O. degree. Applications are considered at any time of the year, but applications are typically received in the winter or early spring, reviewed during the spring, with appointments effective 7/1, to coincide with the residency academic year. Historically, the number of Research Track residents has been limited to two per training year. Acceptance to the track is based on approval of a project proposal and the faculty mentor by the Research Track Executive Committee. Application materials include: (1) the proposed research project, with specific objectives and description of the means by which they will be reached; (2) identification of a mentor or several mentors, with letters of support from the proposed mentor; (3) additional documentation that support for the project (although not the trainee’s stipend) is available; (4) a career development plan that integrates the research plan, but also provides information of the larger plan for becoming a clinician-investigator; and (5) any additional plans that are accordingly proposed during the training period, such as professional visits to other academic settings. Once accepted into the Research Track, residents are reviewed annually.