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Psychosomatic Medicine Didactic Schedule

Comprehensive Review of Psychosomatic Medicine - Required

This is a text-based course, Textbook of Psychosomatic Medicine, James L. Levenson, Editor. It provides a comprehensive and systematic review of the field of psychosomatic medicine. Residents are expected to read chapters and/or other material prior to each session. Topics duplicate those mentioned in the Program Requirements for Psychosomatic Medicine.

Complex Psychosomatic Medicine Case Conference - Required

The psychosomatic medicine resident will work with consultation-liaison residents to select a case for presentation and to select a lead discussant. The case considers key issues in diagnosis and treatment. The goal is to select a patient that is hospitalized and is available for examination.

Grand Rounds Lecture Series, Departments of Psychiatry, Neurology, Family Medicine, Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Cardiovascular Center - Required

This is a major lecture series sponsored by each of above departments. They are a combination of research seminars, clinical case conferences and prominent outside speakers covering the whole range of topics in the various disciplines. The psychosomatic resident may choose to attend whichever weekly lecture is most relevant to the field of Psychosomatic Medicine.

VA Psychiatry Service Grand Rounds Lecture Series - Required

This series is a combination of research seminars, clinical case conferences and outside speakers covering the whole range of topics in psychiatry. Psychosomatic medicine residents are required to attend the series when rotating at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.

Complex Inpatient Psychiatry Case Conference - Elective

A PGY-2 resident selects one of the patients hospitalized on the inpatient psychiatry unit for presentation and discussion. Many of these cases are relevant to psychosomatic medicine because many of the psychiatric inpatients are hospitalized subsequent to transfer from a medical/surgical bed.

Advances in Psychiatry - Required

An annual two-day conference devoted to one or more topics in the field of Psychiatry, featuring distinguished national experts and members of the University of Michigan faculty. For 2006, the conference will feature “Comorbid Psychiatric and Medical Illnesses.”

The Weakest Link: Psychosomatic Medicine Season

Conducted entirely by email, was developed in 2005 by PGY II resident Howard Liu, faculty advisor Helen Kales, geriatric fellow Lewis Krain, and faculty member Michelle Riba. "The Weakest Link: Psychosomatic Medicine Season" challenges trainees to respond to a clinical question with a psychosomatic focus which has controversial evidence. They are invited to synthesize the literature into a brief abstract with an evidence-based answer. A faculty expert may also provide a response to the winning answer to generate additional discussion. An educational grant from the American Psychosomatic Society allows us to provide the winning responder with a modest education award.