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Postdoctoral Training Program in Psychology

Clinical Adult Psychology

The Clinical Adult Psychology track provides advanced training in clinical research and care for Mood Disorders in Adults, also emphasizing co-morbidities and health services research. Our many clinics and experts serve the medical center, region, and state, specializing in Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Behavioral Health, and Women's Health with an emphasis in Perinatal Depression. Clinical training for residents emphasizes empirically supported psychotherapeutic interventions for depression, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), often in conjunction with pharmacological treatments.

Clinical training occurs in a multidisciplinary setting that emphasizes the relationship of biological, psychological, and behavioral factors in the development, maintenance and/or treatment of adult psychopathology. Opportunities are available to participate in ongoing programmatic research and/or to develop small research projects. Specialized research is available in the areas of perinatal mood disorders, stress and anxiety disorders, and health services research involving a number of mental health disorders occurring in the context of general medical and community settings. In keeping with goals of the broader training program, the Clinical Adult Program specialization seeks to develop professionals with the advanced training necessary to accurately diagnose, effectively assess, and successfully treat individuals with a wide range of psychological difficulties, with an emphasis on integration and translation of assessment and treatment within the context of general medical care settings. The program also prepares residents to direct clinical programs, educate mental health professionals, and initiate and carry out programmatic research.

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