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Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Training

Daniel F. Maixner, M.D.
Director of Electroconvulsive Therapy Program

Physician Training:

Visiting psychiatrists can attend our ECT training program which is tailored to those physicians who are interested in establishing their own ECT program or who wish to update their ECT skills and knowledge. One or two day seminars can be arranged. An ECT textbook and recent ECT articles are provided. The learning experience consists of observing ECT treatments conducted by our team and didactic lectures. Lecture topics include:

Theoretical Aspects/Mechanisms of Action of ECT

Stimulus Dosing/Electrode Placement

Indications for ECT

ECT Evaluations

Seizure Monitoring

Nursing Role in ECT

Anesthesiology Considerations in ECT

Informed Consent

Documentation in ECT

Nurses Training:

Our ECT nurse coordinator provides half-day training to nurses covering ECT nursing procedures with a focus on a team approach. In this concentrated format, participants will have the opportunity to observe several ECT treatments performed by the ECT team. Sequential materials and lectures with the ECT treatment nurse offers information about the basics of ECT, standards of ECT nursing practice, and pre and post assessments/management of ECT patients. In addition, nursing documentation pertinent to ECT is reviewed.