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Clinical Programs

The adult ambulatory division is fortunate to have a great wealth of expertise with diverse clinics, treatment modalities and specialists who address the wide range of psychiatric problems across the adult population. This diversity is one of the division's greatest assets and allows it to provide state of the art clinical care to the individuals it serves. The division is fortunate to include the new University of Michigan Depression Center, a state of the art center for research, education and treatment of depression.

Our many clinics and experts serve the medical center, region, and state, specializing in: Anxiety Disorders, and Personality Disorders.

Modalities include the most sophisticated and advanced psychopharmacological treatments and the most time-honored psychotherapeutic ones. We have specialists within the areas of cognitive and behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, group psychotherapy, long and short term dynamic therapy, and family and marital treatments. Particularly exciting are some of the division's primary and specialty care initiatives. Here, faculty and trainees work together with primary care physicians to appropriately identify and treat mental illnesses in those settings where they present most frequently. Providing care for the spectrum of medical and psychiatric difficulties within primary care, is a more holistic approach to patient care, is more comfortable to patients and providers and enhances understanding of, detection, and treatment of the mental illness.

Our history serendipitously provided us with one of the first managed care programs within an academic department, placing us in a unique position to cope effectively with the changes of capitation. Emphasis on timely access to care and initial work in treatment outcomes have kept the ambulatory service synchronous with major trends in care delivery. Work is ongoing to provide a smoothly functioning continuum of care. The importance of providing state-of-the art treatment in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner is highlighted given the challenges facing all of medicine today.

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