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Resources for Current Patients

CBT Basic Group for Anxiety Manual Individual Chapters

Anxiety 101 [PDF]

Exposure and Desensitization [PDF]

Cognitive Skills for Anxiety [PDF]

Relaxation Skills for Anxiety [PDF]

Anxiety Management Basic Premises [PDF]

Anxiety and CBT Resources [PDF]

CBT Group Program for Depression Manual Individual Chapters

Depression 101 [PDF]

Self-care for Depression [PDF]

Mindfulness for Depression [PDF]

Cognitive Skills for Depression [PDF]

Behavioral Activation for Depression [PDF]

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Resources for Depression [PDF]

Anxiety and Depression Group Manuals and Self-help

CBT Basic Group for Anxiety Patient Manual [PDF]

CBT Group Program for Depression Patient Manual [PDF]

What is CBT? [PDF]

About Psychotherapy and Groups

How to benefit from psychotherapy [PDF]

CBT Groups for Anxiety and Depression at the RUB [PDF]

Cognitive Skills Resources

Daily Thought Record Worksheet [PDF]

Examining Thoughts Worksheet [PDF]

Examples of Cognitive Distortions [PDF]

Exposure Skills Resources

Fear Hierarchy Form [PDF]

Exposure Tracking Form [PDF]

Exposure Tracking Form—Hourly Exposure [PDF]

Panic Disorder Exposure Treatment [PDF]

Mindfulness and Relaxation Audio Files

Progressive Muscular Relaxation [mp3 file]

Mindful Breathing Meditation [mp3 file]

Mindful Body Scan [mp3 file]

Loving kindness Meditation [mp3 file]

Journey to Inner Peace [mp3 file]

Relaxation Resources

Slow Diaphragmatic Breathing [PDF]

Progressive Muscular Relaxation [mp3 file]

Exposure Resources

Vomit phobia exposure resources


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