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Science Says: Addiction Is a Chronic Disease, Not a Moral Failing

Understanding the brain’s role in addiction can help break the stigma surrounding the illness — and encourage individuals to seek help.

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Auto pioneer’s family helps U-M turn tragedy into discovery with promise to match donations up to $5M

Newly named Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Program seeks to build on a decade’s worth of scientific advances

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Read the 2016 Department of Psychiatry Annual Newsletter

Learn about collaborations with the U-M Injury Center, the Fatherhood Engagement Project, our global reach and more

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Drug and Alcohol Problems Linked to Vet Suicides, Especially in Women

Those with substance use disorders or mental health conditions are in particular need of help, a new study asserts.

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Drug Use Drops After ER Visits Used as 'Teachable Moments'

In a randomized controlled trial, a brief talk with a counselor helped ER patients reduce drug misuse, and a "virtual therapist" on a tablet also showed promise.

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Use of multiple brain-affecting drugs is rising among seniors, despite risks, U-M research finds

Tranquilizers, antidepressants, opioids and anti-psychotic medications carry special risks for older people.

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National VA effort reduced risky opioid prescriptions for veterans, study finds

Reductions in highest doses through computer "dashboard" and prioritizing painkiller safety suggests other large health systems could do the same

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