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The dose makes the poison: Opioid overdose study supports call for caution in prescription levels

Careful study in veterans looks at accidental death by prescription painkillers

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Childhood trauma associated with worse impulse control in adulthood, U-M study finds

Abuse or neglect associated with worse executive function in adults, whether or not they have bipolar disorder

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One in four new doctors may be depressed – and their patients may suffer because of it

New study analyzes 50 years of research on depression in medical residency

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U-M part of team awarded $2.5 million to improve interactions between parents, teachers and toddlers


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Can a website keep suicidal thoughts away?

Study completed by Depression Center member Srijan Sen, M.D. says so

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Raymond Waggoner Lectureship

Reducing sexual misconduct and creating a climate where survivors are confident the university supports them are keys to U-M's work to improve campus health and safety, President Mark Schlissel said

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Get Involved in Research

Why is research important and how can you participate?

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